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Peter Bruce

Born and raised in Northland, New Zealand, Peter has a longstanding involvement in sustainability. In 2000, his book Better Business for a Better World was published. He has assisted companies with the development of Environmental Management Systems, corporate citizenship, and stakeholder engagement projects. His current research includes projects on the relevance of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard to small business, and, in conjunction with Northpower, business models for the implementation of photovoltaic power generation. In 2008 he led a team from NorthTec and AUT commissioned by the New Zealand Refining Company to help them understand their corporate citizenship. Peter is keen for companies to learn about how sustainability initiatives are the “motherlode of innovation”. Peter is especially interested in helping companies to develop their stakeholder engagement processes, so they can position engagement at the leading edge of sustainability initiatives.Read more about stakeholder engagement services here.

Peter is also an academic and consultant. He teaches on the Business Management degree and diploma programmes at NorthTec. In addition to his teaching, Peter is an active researcher. His qualifications include a Masters in Management, diplomas in Training and Development, Tertiary Education and Horticulture.. His consultancy work focuses around organisational development and online course development.

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phone: 064 21 683 145

Guest bloggers

Alex Twigg presented at the recent HRINZ National Conference in 2011. He has extensive experience in employment relations (ER) in a variety of roles including mediation, arbitration, advocacy, facilitator and process consultant. Over the last four years he shifted from operational to strategic ER – focusing on the link between people, process and organisational performance.

Alexander is currently employed by theDepartment of Labour’s Partnership Resource Centre.  He works with unionised workplaces helping the parties improve their workplace relationships and then help them put those relationships to work using frameworks such as ‘Lean Thinking’ to help both parties achieve their mutual and separate interests.

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Good morning Peter
    I have just found your site today after being alerted to it from a Linked-In conversation. My name is Vivien Twyford and I founded an organisation called Twyfords in 1988 which has grown and changed over the 23 years into a partnership of 4 people who are committed to supporting and facilitating a more collaborative culture in organisations. Our home base is Wollongong, NSW on the Australian Eastern Seaboard however we have operated in most continents in the world (other than South America) and I am now temporarily living in Auckland while we explore the viability of a sustainable business in New Zealand. I wonder if we could have a conversation sometime? I assume you are in or around Auckland. I notice that, in one of your blogs, you quote a participant in one of your research projects, Yani Roditis. I worked with Yani in Romania when he was COO/CEO at Rosia Montana when Gabriel Resources were seeking support in establishing better community engagement practices. The project was less that successful, I believe, because Gabriel as an organisation, was unwilling to listen to its stakeholders, possibly unable as well as unwilling. Anyway, would be interested to explore interests and processes. My partners and I are working hard to explore the potential for collaborative practice in organisations in Australia and NZ.

  2. Hi, it is amazing what you stumble across here in cyber space such as people from here, aotearoa, on a similar pathway, albeit in a much more academic fashion.
    you may or may not be interested in the vision outlined in the web site below as it touches on ideas related to your area’s of expertise.
    regards AV.

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  4. Hi Peter.
    I am based in Northern Ireland and I stumbled on your Blog this morning when doing some research for Stakeholder Engagement in Africa. I really enjoyed reading your work and will check it our regularly
    Many thanks


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